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Bank Jobs Recruitment

Latest Jobs in Banking Sector 20 Lakhs New Jobs in Next to five ten Year. Enthused further by the Government’s financial inclusion plans to expand banking into rural areas, Uppaluri said, With only less than thirty per cent of the Indian population having access to bank accounts, top banking firms are trying to expand and venture into the untapped rural markets that have so much potential to boost growth and profitability.

Reflecting similar views, talent assessment company MeritTrac Services’ CEO Vasu K Saksena said that “hiring in banks is probably going to extend within the next couple of years” owing to expansion of banks into new cities and rural locations. The reason may also be attributed to the big numbers of retirements that banks can witness during this year and also the next,” Saksena added. According to Manipal Academy for Banking, around four lakh people applied for jobs in public and private sector banks last year. In this applications public bank sector recruit 60-70K candidates, private Bank sector recruit another 40K candidates.

Looking at the recent trends, experts are of the opinion that hiring within the sector is expected to happen across regions with lower tier cities to be one of the biggest beneficiaries. In Tier two, three and four cities new banks being established, Uppaluri said there’ll be growing demand for business correspondents, sales executives and different banking professionals to reach out to the rural population.

“In the months to come, we expect to see higher hiring momentum in tier two and three cities to begin with,” he added. “Clearly, Tier 2,3 and four cities would be the biggest beneficiaries as most of the existing banks are trying to expand into these cities. All banks partner have seen their per worker productivity rising and attrition coming down through a conscious effort of hiring from tier three and four cities Thammaiah noted.

Going by findings of Randstad India the top 3 cities that will witness max momentum in Bank Jobs Recruitment are Chennai, Mumbai, NCR region. “New banks will require staff for branches, yet as for functions like operations, Risk management, IT, compliance, among others, MeraJob India Founder & CEO Pallav Sinha said. The new bank establishment licensees can hire people with banking expertise for main positions, this triggers recruitment for banking. Bank Jobs Recruitment are going to open at all levels though the entry level officers and clerical roles in public sector can see the highest intake.

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Existing banks can specifically need candidates within the client servicing – facing roles, said by Thammaiah. New banking licenses, that are likely to be issued within the first half of 2014 noted by Moorthy K Uppaluri, The Banking sector is poised to make big career in future, “In Tier 2/3/4 cities new banks being set up, there’ll be growing demand for business correspondents, sales executives and different banking professionals to reach out to will population.”

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