Best Cydia Apps for iPhone – Download it now

Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

Cydia is an app downloader for iOS users that allows them to download free full versions of apps that are pricey when bought from iTunes. This app is normally found in iPhones that are already jail-broken. You can actually find a lot of apps in Cydia that might interest you. Below are some of the highly recommended apps that you should download from this app downloader.


AdBlocker is an app that, obviously, blocks unnecessary ads that come with opening/playing an installed application. Once you download this app, all you have to do is to enable it to use the apps without interruption.


This app is useful for those that actually want to view various notifications in their lock screen. Depending on your preference, it will notify you about the weather, emails, and messages without unlocking your iPhones screen.


Dreamboard is an app that allows you to manage your iPhones theme. That is, you can change the appearance of your screen. If you wish to give your phone an Android look, you can do this through its Endroid feature.

Cydia Apps for iPhone
Cydia Apps for iPhone

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Dashboard X 2.0

This app is an app that allows you to see various widgets on your home screen. You will be able to find a lot of widgets including that of the music player, the clocks, the calendars, as well as the weather.


This is an app that allows iPhone users to block any unwanted sender or caller. This feature is one of those important features that iPhone actually lacks of.

Bite SMS

The Bite SMS app allows users to take messaging into a whole new level. It allows users to choose from a wide variety of actions such as Quick Compose, Auto Forward, Quick Reply, Smiles, and a lot more.


Stride is an app that allows gives you an entirely different way of making passcodes. Instead of the typical numbered passcodes of the iPhone, you can actually create a pattern that is like that of the Android.

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