Fitting a kitchen

Fitting a kitchen

Fitting kitchenIn this article I’m going to talk about the different steps you should take when fitting a kitchen. First of all, you should never start trying to fit a kitchen without having plans to refer to. I know that is obvious, but I know some people who just try and dive into it and plan it as they go. This is not recommended. Right so look at where everything is going to go from the plans. Mark on the floor and walls where plugs or plumbing is going to obstruct units, as you will need to pre-cut these units before trying to install them. This makes it easier to cut the back panel of the unit out. As now you can just use the markings on the wall as a template, rather than trying to just judge it with the unit already built. Glasgow Kitchen Fitter

Now that you have marked out your kitchen plan and marked all the obstacles. It is time to start assembling the units. I have missed out all the plumbing and electrical for the purposes of keeping this article simple. So we will take it as if all the plumbing fixtures and plug sockets/wiring is already taken care of. Now assembling the units is pretty much the simplest part, flat packed units will come with instructions and you can just simply follow them, it is really not hard at all to assemble a unit. Just make sure when you are assembling them, you start with the one you are going to install first. Obviously you don’t want twenty assembled units in the room when you’re trying to work, so build them one at a time.

When mounting units, start with the corner one (if there is one) and go from there. This makes it much easier as you can work off of the corner unit. Make sure the floor is level, adjust the units feet until it is level, and that should be it! Simple, sort of, don’t bother with the doors or anything yet, just get the basic frame in position, to the correct height, and level. Now build out from that unit with the other units. Joining them together (this is important) so that they are all the same height and level and won’t wobble. Wall units are harder, but not by much. Mark out the height and width of the unit and draw it on the wall, mark where the fixtures are on the unit, and draw where the holes need drilling by measuring from the edges of your template on the wall. Drill the holes, fit the brackets and hang! Now adjust the screws to pull the unit tight to the wall, done!


Now that all the units are fitted perfectly, I hope. It is time to start with the worktop. Simple measure the depth of your units, and the length, mark it out on the worktop and cut as needed. Make sure a jigsaw or something similar is used to get a flat smooth end. Stick on the Laminate strips on the end to give it a nice finished look. Mark out where the sink and cooker will go, and cut them out. You should fine that everything fits perfectly into place when mounting the worktop.


Now it is just a case of fitting all the doors on and putting in the shelves, the pretty self explanatory instructions should be able to cover this. And there you have the basic steps of how to fit a kitchen. Kitchen Fitter In Glasgow Wealthy Affiliate

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