Fun Kid’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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5 Fun Kid’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Fun Kid’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas
Fun Kid’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

your kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. For one thing, it allows you to indulge the inner child in you. All those creative decorations you wished you had in your room as a kid are now possible. To get your creative juices flowing, here are five decorating ideas for your kid’s bedroom. They give you the opportunity to be imaginative and original and you can do them without breaking you wallet.

1. Zoo/Animal Themed Bedroom
are one of the things that many young kids enjoy learning about. A zoo or animal-themed bedroom is a great way to let your kids explore their interests and have fun redecorating their room. You can help by looking for zoo and animal posters online. Painting the walls is also a great way to give the room new life and spend some quality time doing a creative activity with your child. Animal stencils are a great idea when it comes to wall decorations. They are hands-on and easy to use, and your child will have a blast designing them and putting them up on the walls.

2. The Princess Room
If you have a girl, chances are she’ll want the Princess Room at some point or another. The castles, the Cinderella slippers, the unicorns, the ball gowns and the magic wands, it’s all part of nearly every girl who’s grown up on Disney movies’ fantasy. Wall paintings and posters are obviously a must. You can complement them with themed covers and furniture. Many furniture stores sell a variety of themed lamps and and night-stands, for example, that will make her feel like a real princess.

3. Sports Room
If you have a sports enthusiast, what better way to make them happy than to give them a sport-themed room? When shopping for home accent rugs in San Diego, you cand find all kinds of sports themes. Whether they like soccer, football, baseball or hockey, decorating a sports-themed room can be a lot of fun. Much of the decoration can consist of sports memorabilia that you can purchase in used sporting goods stores, garage sales and thrift stores. Painting the walls as your child’s preferred playing field is easy and can look great.

4. Ship/Boat Theme
If your kid loves boats and being the water, this is the perfect bedroom decorating theme for them. Paint the walls a blue color and decorate them with waves and ripples. Once the walls have been turned into an ocean, stencil sailboats, canoes, barges, and other aquatic vehicles throughout. Paint seagulls and clouds in the sky. For accent furniture, try treasure chests, model ships, rudders and other ocean-faring accessories. Half the fun for this theme is shopping for it.

5. Garden Theme
A child’s garden is one of the most popular decorative themes for a kid’s room. Paint the walls by free-forming green hills in the background, and a square garden in the foreground. Add, in free-form or stencil, various veggies and other plants. For a picket garden fence, you can paint one on or go 3D by buying a real garden fence and attaching it to the wall. There are a ton of ways that you can implement wall linings and designs into this theme.
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