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Small Bedroom Design Idea

small bedroom design

When you’re planning a small bedroom design, often the most difficult task is to come up with clever storage solutions so that you can accommodate all of your clothes and other stuff, without making the space seem even tinier than it already is. Fear not though, here are some useful pointers to help you out.

Small Bedroom Designs and Remodeling Ideas Firstly, don’t just think of your bedroom in terms of floorspace. Height is another consideration. Many people with small bedrooms waste the amount of potential storage space they have by not thinking vertically. You can find a number of great tall storage units that will help you squeeze every ounce of space out of the room without making it seem cramped and awkward.

Along the same lines, find a bed that is tall enough to accommodate storage underneath it. You can get some clear plastic boxes, that are perfect for holding things like shoes, DVDs, CDs, etc, that can be easily slid under your bed and out the way, leaving more floor space and creating an impression of spaciousness.

Small Bedroom Wall Mount Guide Another term that you should make yourself familiar with is ‘wall mounted’. When you’re trying to save space in a room, a great idea is to add shelves and brackets instead of bulky units that will eat precious amounts of room. For example, mount your television on the wall (or even on the ceiling if you’re daring enough and have a flat screen). That will save you having to fit in a dedicated unit or reduce the amount of space on a desk. Have shelves instead of bedside tables so you can still get the convenience without losing the floor space. Again, its about thinking vertically as well as horizontally.

Small Bedroom Decorating Idea Bedroom decorating ideas should replicate a sense of peace and tranquility, allure and charm. Bedrooms should mirror the personality of the bedroom’s occupant, creating a haven for retreat where the occupier can unwind and de-stress at the end of the day. There are as many bedroom decorating ideas as there are people’s personalities – and that is only to the good. To some people a bedroom that reflects warmth and which creates a sense of rustic charm is essential when planning their personal haven. To others, high-tech is the order of the day. Others – and I include adults here as well – like to express their humorous side, with a bedroom that reflects such a predilection.

Small Bedroom Window Decorating Ideas You may enter a bedroom and be ensconced in a butterfly world or one where flowers abound.

Where the warmth of honey is to be expressed, go for the warmer hues and don’t be afraid of mixing unlikely colors. As an example of bedroom decorating ideas that work, a bedroom was recently decorated which had, as its only non-negotiable feature, a bright, cherry-red blind which was a very expensive, made-to-measure blind manufactured to fit only that window. Rather than discard a perfectly good blind, this bedroom was decorated around this feature. A wall directly opposite the window was chosen to be an accent wall, against which the head of the bed would be placed.

Small Bedroom Painting and Decorating This wall was painted a deep, rich fuchsia colour – like a very dark plum. The other three walls now needed to provide the light and bring out the warmth of the fuchsia. For these three walls a lilac-pink was chosen which, in itself, was not classed as a true pastel. It was a colour in its own right, a definite shade of pink with a distinct hint of lilac.

As far as bedroom decorating ideas go, these two colors should have clashed, but they didn’t – because the lilac-pink reflected sufficient light to liven up the natural light and to pick out the fuchsia pigments in the accent wall. With white paintwork and the white fitments of the built-in cupboards, this provided a deliciously warm room which was both light and sunny. When picking the carpet it would have been easy to come unstuck but, following through the pink-lilac shades, a salmon-pink carpet was laid and fitted into the bedroom. The effect was dramatic and calming, warm and light with a feeling of warmth as you enter the room, as if the walls were enfolding you.

Small Bedroom Curtains and Blinds The cherry-red blinds frame the window beautifully and none of the other shades or colors is in conflict. The effect is stunning – you walk into the room and find you are catching your breath. Meanwhile, in an adjacent bedroom, the bedroom decorating ideas were different and the theme was softer and gentler. As less natural light entered this room mint green was chosen for all four walls, offset by a white ceiling. For the accent wall three long mirrors were purchased which were attached to the wall in the horizontal plane, just to reflect light in that room. The carpet was cream with tiny burgundy roses woven into it. Same house, different bedroom, completely different feel as you walk into this room: the ethos is calming peace. This room is still a work in progress, but the blinds will be a matching mint-green and a large lime green rug is intended to finish the room off. You walk in here and are enfolded in an ambiance of total serenity.

Ideas for Small Bedroom Furniture Design Furnishings for any bedroom will again reflect your personal tastes and can range from rustic French armories to the built in simplicity of white melamine. Again, beds come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in anything from the luxury of king size, pocket-spring divan to the simplicity of a futon which doubles up as a settee when not in use. There are now many metal bed frames to choose from. These range from ultra-modern tubular steel to the traditional brass bedstead of granny’s era. However, regardless of the actual bedroom decorating ideas you decide to follow, if the overall ambiance is achieved and you feel comfortable in the finished room, then you have achieved your objective and created a sanctuary to recharge your batteries ready to face another day.

You might want to consider using 3D design software to help you plan your new bedroom interior design. Many computer programs help you make a detailed plan of your bedroom remodel project, and you can try out various layouts to see how they might look. They have become very popular with the do it yourself crowd these days.

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